Our Slogan =Intigrity+Team Work+Determination+Loyalty

Since the initiation, Lincoln Pharmaceutical has always been giving vital drive for establishing inspiring technology driven products striving for enhancing the application of medications for improved therapeutic purposes.

The Research & Development center is furnished with state-of-the-art devices and equipments for internal physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of all products.

The Research & Development center is spearheaded by a cluster of specialized technology evangelists. Activities like novel product development, quality enhancement in existing products, process development and validation are performed in this center.

The organization has always put in incessant efforts towards building products through effective use of techniques like Optimized Drug Delivery – which assures increased potency & efficiency, reduced side-effort & toxicity levels, improved stability, decreased cost consequently increased availability , simplicity of administration and finest patient compliance.

With the enhanced patient consciousness & aggressive competition within the makers prompts the organization to build & establish brilliance and originality within its products.

The well-equipped Research & Development ideology of Lincoln has been successful in bracing the winds of ever-changing pharmaceutical technology. Due to the continual focused research, it has been possible for Lincoln to file a patent for NAMSAFE – which is the hepato-protective combination of Nimesulide with Recemethionine and a product patent for the protective combination of nimsulide with racemethionine. Along with this, multiple additional applications for patent are in the pipeline.

Understanding highest moral responsibilities, Lincoln Pharmaceutical’s R&D center has pledged towards creating technology-based products at competitive prices for the patients.