Our Slogan =Intigrity+Team Work+Determination+Loyalty

Tablet & Capsule Section

A capacity of 100 crores tablets per annum / per single shift is offered by the newly built-up facility.

  • No B-Lactum, Hormone and Cancer Departments.
  • Facilities to manufacture Sustained Release Formulation.
  • Three exclusive granulation shops:
    1. Dry Granulation
    2. Wet Granulation
    3. Colored Granulation
  • Unidirectional flow of men and material
  • Six compression cubicles with separate Air Handling Units.
  • Centralized Air condition System to maintain 40 RH and 22-Degree Temperature in granulation, compression, blending and packing cubicles areas.
  • Flame proof motors in granulation and coating sections.
  • All Non-Air Condition area fully ventilated with 5 micron filed air.
  • Coating facility including 48″ – 150 kg NEOCOATER.
  • Central Dust extraction system provided with pick up at all powder generating point.
  • Flame proof motors in granulation and coating sections.
  • Water System: DM water having circulating loop to maintain 80-Degree Celsius temperature. D.M. Storage tank of SS316.
  • Own Deep Bore well for water.
  • D G Set of 250 KWT.
  • Stores are fully computerized.

Potential section

Sterile Liquid Injection Ampoules & Vials with capacity of 80,000 Ampoule per shift & 25,000 Vials per shift (2ml to 50ml Vial)

  • Sterile Area having pressure gradient:
    15 Pascal in manufacturing and passage
    25 Pascal in wash and sterile
    40 Pascal in filling area
  • Multi column 80 per hour
  • Three Manufacturing rooms and Three separate filling areas.
  • Sterile Dry Power B-Lactum 40,000 Vials per shift with Separate Entry & AHU
  • Washing under HEPA filter.
  • Sterilization by Double Door Dryer.
  • Autoclave by Double Door Dryer.
  • Poly Urethane coated jointless Flooring.
  • Blister Packing of Ampoule and Vial.
  • Shrink Package of finished products.

Liquid & Ointment Section

4 Head filling, sealing and labeling line having 100 bottles per minute capacity (40,000 Bottles per shift) total 2 lines.

  • Manufacturing capacity of 3000 litres per day.
  • Total area is ventilated with 5-micron air and filling areas are under temperature control.
  • Ointment manufacturing and packing: 20,000 Tubes per shift (15 gm)