Our Slogan =Intigrity+Team Work+Determination+Loyalty

Living up to the highest standards of compliance

Our Infrastructure carries cutting-edge along with superior Quality Control (QC) laboratory which promises all products to be 100 % pure, effective and safe. These products are launched into the market exclusively following comprehensive evaluation in accordance to rigorous standards, techniques and procedures put together in accordance to international guidelines viz. cGMP, WHO

Our Quality Control laboratory is an accomplished laboratory and is placed amidst the initial few pharma companies to attain the vital NABL accreditation. Our company also holds the distinction of being the pioneer in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry which has been successful in passing the re-accreditation by NABL.

The Quality Control department is fully equipped with modern vital devices to undertake evaluation of API, finished products, packaging and associated materials utilized.

Following tasks / activities are done by the QC department:
  • ¬†Analysis through flowcharts
  • Finished product analysis
  • Work in progress quality checks
  • Analysis of the QA lab and instruments
  • Waste Management and Wet Analysis Laboratory Management
  • QA checks in Microbiological Testing and Packaging