Our Slogan =Intigrity+Team Work+Determination+Loyalty

Quality is the core of our development process. Our management ensures that all the products are of unsurpassed quality and properly tested by the internal CORPORATE QUALITY ASSURANCE department. With right balance of innovation and quality we ensure that the products that reach out to end consumers are quite up to the mark and of best in class quality.

  1. Best in class Quality Assurance Department with standards and guidelines followed of ISO 9001.
  2. Robust quality processes set-up at all the manufacturing plants within each product department.
  3. Quality check within the stages of manufacturing resulting in less wastage of materials and eco-friendly production.
  4. Wear and tear check of the manufacturing equipments, facilities and waste management. Training to production employees. Cleaning as per validation and master plan.
  5. Grievance and Complaint Handling.
  6. Process Documentation, Registration and Stability MaintenanceAnalysis through  flowcharts Finished product analysis.
The Quality Assurance Department Ensures:
  • Knowledge sharing through product design documents and Lincoln research center.
  • Enhance the documents developed by the Quality Assurance division through internal inspection and stage by stage approvals with proper validation.
  • Develop product validation protocols, facilities scale up and timely approvals of equipments, processes and products.
  • Documentation controlling through accurate change procedures.
Assuring Quality of Products:
  1. cGMP Training
  2. SOP Compliance
  3. Release of batch for marketing
  4. Line Clearance
  5. Internal self inspection of the facility for compliance
  6. Work-in-progress checks and effective sampling
  7. Validation and Verification of records and documents
  8. Complaint handling and Stability checks of products
Quality Improvement Plans:
  1. 360 degrees of feedback from the compliance and quality teams.
  2. Collating the feedback of consumers and product reviews
  3. Annual check of the product quality and proposals for corrective measures
  4. Analysis of the product changing trends, eco-friendliness and products
  5. Strategy of product Manufactured.