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Feature Products
tinnex Tinnex, is an amazing medication when it comes to treating Cochlear Synaptic Tinnitus. Introduced by Lincoln Pharma with collaborating partner Phafag (Switzerland), it has been manufactured under the licensing arrangement & technical alliance.
pa12  Pa 12 Proglet is a 1000 mg Programmed Released Paracetamol. Pa 12 Proglets are developed to offer 12 hours of non-stop control of pain and fever. Proglet Technology of Pa 12 Proglets guarantees the quantities of the Paracetamol in the blood plasma are maintained for an extended period to give better effectiveness as well as continuously healing action up to 12 Hours. As a result additionally providing a benefit for the dosage convenience, 2 Proglets per day handle pain and fever for 24 Hours.
 arh1ml  A pioneering product of Lincoln Pharmaceuticals (LPL), “ARH 1”, the Anti-malarial Drug has been formulated and introduced utilizing advanced technology recognized as Dose Optimization Technology according to the Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS). Whilst principal treatment plan for malaria is complicated and difficult to administer, ARH 1 is straightforward and highly effective which in turn makes it convenient for malarial patients to endure and recover out of this disease.