Our Slogan =Intigrity+Team Work+Determination+Loyalty

“If health is the real wealth, we nurture it”

The manufacturing plant sprawls across in amiable surroundings of 30000 sq. yard land with a garden offering optimal eco-friendly conditions. The overall carpet area of the plant spreads to 3750 sq.m. which is further segregated into various divisions for tablet and capsule manufacturing facilities. All divisions possess appropriate room for existing operations and arrangements for potential future development. An individual structure houses Administration, Quality Control Laboratory and Quality Assurance section which spreads across 452 sq m. The units have always been constructed with maximum attention and foresightedness through the design stage to alleviate possibilities of cross contamination. For the convenience of internal movement of resources – people and material, the manufacturing facility corridor has been given a “U” shaped. Internal sectional corridors open to the processing areas. Processing areas have been isolated from corridors by ideal airlocks and pressure differentials. Similar kind of isolation and care exists for preventing contamination for packaging also. Appropriate number of ideal sized stores and quarantines are built to receive, quarantine and store a variety of materials and finished products.


Operated by professionals, these stores are managed with absolute perfection. Non-Beta Lactam production plant is located at Khatraj. Anti-tuberculars (specifically Rifampicin), have a separate area there. Known for being a employee focused Company, Lincoln Pharma places utmost focus on personal development of human skills, marketing techniques, and safety standards for its work force. The organization is dedicated to its moral obligations towards the environment, share holder family and community as whole.